Ocean Song

As the bubbling waves wash up

Over my bare toes

And the soothing ups and downs

Of the ocean’s voice

Sing your name over and over


I wonder about the inner light

Of the woman who kisses you


And I wish for her beauty

To shine

As brightly as the stars

As she envelopes you

The way I used to

Long ago



Guitar With Annie

This is a blog for people who are learning guitar. It is also a blog for people who are interested learning about the guitar.

I will post lessons about different things like, playing chords, playing leads, scales, how to read tablature and other important things you need to know, in order to be a guitar player.

Do not feel intimidated to learn the guitar. Everything seems hard, when you have not done it before. I will provide lessons that are simple and easy to follow. You can ask any questions in the comments section after each post.

guitar meme

If you are interested in taking guitar lessons via skype or google chat, just let me know. I have some spots currently open. In the mean time, if there is a particular song that you would like to learn, let me know in the comments below and I will see about posting a lesson for it in the future.

Playing the guitar is a great way to make friends and be the life of the party. It is easy to carry with you, compared to other instruments. You can take it with you many places, where people are and they will crowd around you to listen.

I had social anxiety disorder as a teenager. Learning to play the guitar was one of the best things I did for myself. Even when I was new at playing, people came around me and enjoyed hearing me play for them.

As I got better, I joined a band with other people my age. I had lots of fun playing and being in the group. Many other bands followed.

I went on to major in classical guitar in college.  Although I studied classical and some jazz guitar in college, I always had a heart for rock music and rock and roll. I love teaching rock songs and other songs that people like to learn.

Online guitar lessons are convenient and you can have the lessons individualized to you. You can choose your style and select songs to learn, once you know a few basics.

There is always more to learn, no matter how many years you play, so you will enjoy learning guitar for as long as you like to.

It has come to be a great love for me. I love to play cover songs and to write my own songs. If you are interested in writing your own songs, then online guitar lessons are the perfect things for you. I can easily guide you as you write your own music and lyrics.

I am also a singer and I play the flute,  the bass guitar and some piano and keyboard. Music is a great love for me. It has gotten me through many hard time in my life.

Music is an outlet for self expression. It is a good way to deal with sad moods and angry moods.

I believe that playing music can be beneficial to your self esteem and your mental health. It is always there for you, even when people let you down.

Check out my guitar blog. Guitar With Annie !

Musically yours,


Guitar Cover of Proud Mary by CCR


Proud Mary was written in 1969  by John Fogerty from the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, otherwise known as CCR.  John Fogerty was the lead guitarist and singer for Creedence Clearwater Revival.  The others members of the band include Tom Fogerty on rhythm guitar, Stu Cook on bass and Doug Clifford on the drums.

Solomon Burke made a cover of this song and changed the style to have a R&B style.  It had elements of gospel and a bit of a country flavor.  His version was played on the black radio stations and made the charts, during the same year that the CCR version was also on the recording hits charts.

John Fogerty loved Burke’s version of the song. He thought that Burke captured his original but also added a feeling of black social consciousness to his version. Fogerty said the following about Solomon Burke’s version of Proud Mary

“Two thousand…

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Beginner Guitar E Minor Jam for Relaxing and Creating

Here is a link to an online guitar tuner, so you can tune your guitar


This video is designed for beginner and intermediate players who want to play to relax and create sounds. In this video, I give you some different sounds that can be made, by a variety of different techniques with the right hand.

I will show you different places on the guitar that can be strummed and how the sounds are different. When you play near the bridge, for example, you get a different sound, than when you play over the sound hole.

I will teach you the E minor chord, if you do not already know it. Along with the E minor chord, I will show you an unusual chord which is complementary to the E minor chord. I call this chord a D 6 – 9 chord.

This jam is designed to be able to be different every time you play it. There are a variety of different ideas, which you can combine and do in any order that  you like.

Have fun with this. The intention is for you to have fun and to create your own music.

Enjoy. Also feel free to add any of your own ideas and creations to your unique jam. It will be different every time you play it.

Does Anyone Have a Song they Want to Learn on Guitar?

Hi ! I have some time today and I can learn a few songs , in order to teach them to you here, If anyone has a particular song that they would like to learn on the guitar, post it in the comments below. I will take a look here later on this evening.

If there are suggestions below. when I pick up my guitar later today, then I will be happy to learn something for you, and to show you how to play it. As always, I like to show multiple levels of playing any song, in order that everyone can have a go at it.

In addition to whatever suggestions you guys put in the  comments , I am thinking about doing a few old tunes such as “Tootsie Tootsie goodbye.” or  “Five Foot Two , Eyes of Blue”

 I want to learn a few of these, in order to take my guitar into the nursing to play for the residents. They love the sing along songs and I always end up knowing one verse of each song.

So, I am planning to pick a couple of songs to learn for the residents and actually be able to sing the entire song with them LOL

Many times, one of the nursing home residents knows all the words to an old song, even if they have dementia and cannot remember what they had for lunch. It is interesting how the long term and short term memory work.

I would also like to do something more modern, that would be interesting to any teenage guitarists. I may have to get suggestions from my teenage daughters . But if you are a teenager and have a song that you would like to learn, please give me a link in the comments below to a you tube version of your song.

Thanks and see you all a bit later this evening !